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About Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Immediately after the most followed Kim Kardashian sex tape leaked into public domains, almost every man and woman, who had a flair for physical touch into the celebrity world flocked to view it, thus contributing to the popularity of most adult content sites. The tape can be safely downloaded in its entirety from some already commissioned websites without the possibility of inferior quality or unauthorized Ads. All individuals who have successfully downloaded this scandal sex tape have so far experienced the true art of having a top quality video, and in the way they have received considerable fun. Some have left positive reviews stating exactly how much they adore and love to watch Kim Kardashian and Ray J indulge in friendly but passion-driven sex affair.

Kim Kardashian has become one of the most publicly debated brands of names in celebrity industry, though this doesn’t mean that she is liked and admired by many for being such high brand. One of the most surprising moments that have seen her become permanently placed under surveillance and other tight watch by her lovers and fans, has been that of the well-known issues of a top tier sex tape scandal that ensued between her and her dear ex-boyfriend, another hot celebrity.

Following the release of Kim Kardashian sextape by her ex-boyfriend and an eventual “leakage” into the different domains of the public arena through medias, Kim has grown to become a public idol in the face of media, social networks and the celebrity industry. The tape is claimed to contain extremely explicit content with a sexual encounter between Kim and Ray, both who are stars in their own fields. This became her first downfall, which has later turned out to be her route to celebrity. After realizing that she could not be separated from publicity through celebrity, rumors arose that Kim Kardashian had deliberately planned to have such an affair to make enormous money through suits and compensation. She has indeed been compensated for the leakage of the video, and she is now commanding an empire in the celebrity industry.

Ray J and Kim K sex tape

With that happening, Kim has been intensely and widely critiqued by different persons. Some of her fans have repeatedly referred to her as an actor who wants to be famous yet does only remain talentless. This escalated even further after she created and started her reality TV Shows. Her accusers and other critics have asserted that for one to be a real actor, he/she needs to be able to read a script and bring out true art from that script. This is not the case of Kim Kardashian. She has virtually been reduced to a self witty folk who plays a healthy game in the name of keeping her income stream. Kim Kardashian is much aware of her plights, but she seems not moved by them. She has no worries about any form of downfall since she is in fame and riches. Kim Kardashian has repeatedly been heard criticizing other celebrities with similar sex scandals, such as Hilton Paris. In all these ordeals, Kim Kardashian remained to be the center of every piece of laughs and mockery. Surprisingly there is a hard decision that the star has hard to make regarding her new plans to marry her new boyfriend Kanye West. It has been claimed that she chose such a tough decision to ensure that her art work is preserved and that she was not interested in having an affair to earn her another piece of fame. Some of fans of this scandalous are now contending that, if this sex tape had not leaked out, then Kim Kardashian superstar would not have been produced, not to forget her name. By saying so, they do not mean that Kim Kardashian should be in existence, but she would not be currently experiencing the much accolade of fame on sex, tight pussy, and money and boobs as well plump butts around the world as she has so far enjoyed. This sex video which lasts about 39 minutes, starring Kim and her ex- boyfriend Ray, J became publicly known in 2007. This release was the stepping stone for Kim into one of the most celebrated porn actor in the world. It also earned her a life in savings after striking a deal with the producers and holders of rights in the tape. This saw her earn up to €3 million in jack pot.

A review of Kardashian sex tape

From the tape, some fans have commented that Kim Kardashian has proven beyond doubt that she is far more than high fame and top riches, by becoming such a talented bed-satisfier, with cute tits, and a tight sweet pussy. In this video, Ray, J has also become a rare breed packed with six packs and well positioned and toned abs. He has well-built strong biceps and above all a length but fattened black cock. It is just an unique combination that has rocked the world of celebrity.

From the scenes of the tape featuring Kim Kardashian that has become one her worst ever hit sex scandal of all time, Kim is seen kneeling on her knees with Ray J’s lengthened dick in her mouth on multiple encounters. She professionally gives him a hard but romantic suck. This allows him to fuck her face on one instance before stopping to allow her lick his ball sacs. It is totally a quality video, where one pays back for the services of the other. After giving him a sweet blowjob, Ray J decides to return Kim the favor by slowly licking her wet cunt. He sticks his long tongue almost entirely into her hole and flicks her aroused clit in a vigorous but systematic motion. While doing that, Kim slowly rides the face of Ray in a begging manner until when she finally reaches the orgasm. This overpowers her, and she forcefully begs Ray j to give hard fuck from behind. When you are here, just know that this is the beginning of the Kim Kardashian sex video. The video becomes better and more vivid as the scenes precede. In fact, it becomes highly erotic. The way it was starred by Kim and Ray adds some value to its credibility.

One of the amazing facts about this video is the way and manner in which Kim Kardashian enjoys the presence of Ray’s hard dick inside her. The mixture of the fuck and her softly moans give her the satisfaction she has been yearning for, and it gives her the pain due to its massive length and girth. At first, Ray starts the fuck with slow motion, and as the urge intensifies, he increased his rhythmic thrusts. He moves below the butt by drawing himself entirely into her dropping pussy. Technically if your girlfriend watches this video, she will just become wet instantly, and her pussy will be horny. Why is this video such a darling too many? It is because it has new fresh sex ideas that can help improve the performance of bed matters.

The sex scandalous tape is highly enchanting to watch. In most porn, actors are full aware of their porn movies. However in this video, none is aware that such an act will be turned into high rate porn video as it now appears. The video is casually acted out bit it leaves a lasting mark in the film industry.

Kim Kardashian sex video takes you to highly elevated porn. It is beyond the daily fake porn that you may have come across. It carries you to a new level of rough hard fucks combined with rigorous orgasm achievement. The two partners fuck in a distinct way without having any fears over one another. In fact, they engage in strong, and passion sex. They comfortably enjoy the strokes and movements that they have established. Soon they become breathless, exhausted and collapse on the bed.

In the world of celebrities and high massive iconism, Kim Kardashian and Ray J are not the kind of persons you can presume that they will be lovers. Yet these exact celebs become lovebirds that have culminated into a massive public debate. In a recently leaked video of a sex scandal, they seem to have no any role, they just happen to be friends who star a video that catches the world in a high tone. There is no any planned form of foreplay in this video. We can only see an expensive lingerie that Kim Kardashian wears. One would wonder why the robe was purchased so expensively. However we should know that she is a queen in the world of riches. Kim can’t just wear any cheap pant from the common stalls in our streets. She wears a pant bought by her agents from expensive stalls in Paris. And what leaves you surprised is the way she cautiously ensures that her pants do not become stained by the sperms of Ray J. This is just a crazy act. She is just a rare lady who chooses to have her own foreplay, despite having Ray in the midst. For more about that self-possessed foreplay, kindly observe the pic below.

The pic shows Kim Kardashian trying to initiate a fore-play before engaging in a hard fuck with Ray J.

Where to watch Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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Kim Kardashian and Ray J enjoying the braces of kissing

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Where to buy Kim Kardashian sex tape

Kim Kardashian tape, called Kim Kardashian Superstar, is sold by Vivid Entertainment.

However, Kim Kardashian sex tape is not being offered for free. You can only view the previews of the video. For you to get a copy of this tape, it is advisable that you put a side at least $4.95 for purchase of one copy and 18 other more copies. This is just a fair deal that you can accept without even thinking twice.

Kim Kardashian sex video

The only way to watch the full sex video is to but it from the official Vivid site. There are a few videos on Youtube that offers you a preview of the tape but not the full video. Here are some of the most important.

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